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1Myosin X - Stroke Cycle

Myosin-X is a motor protein that transports cargo inside the cells by "walking" along the cytoskeleton. Movement of myosin-X is driven by ATP hydrolysis, in a unique mechanism that resembles walking or stepping. The walking mechanism of myosin-X is known to be distinct from other walking myosins such as myosin-V. Myosin 3D model based on following PDB surfaces: Cargo domain: 3au5 Light chains: 2fce, Coil: 4xa3, Motor: 1g8x. Actin 3D model based on PDB surface 3jbj. All parts of the proteins were assembled and animated in #blender. Information extracted from : (1) S. Nagy, B.L. Ricca, M.F. Norstrom, D.S. Courson, C.M. Brawley, P.A. Smithback, and R.S. Rock. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2008. 105(28):9616-20. (2) B.L. Ricca, and R.S. Rock. Biophys. J. 2010. 99(6):1818-26. For more information on Myosins and other molecular machines, visit our wiki: http://www.mechanobio.info/topics/cytoskeleton-dynamics/cytoskeleton-dependent-intracellular-transport/

How do motor proteins transport cargo along the cytoskeleton?
2Piezo1 Ion Channel - Gating Mechanism

Hypothetical mechanism of the force-induced gating of Piezo channels. Based on "Ge et al. 2015. Architecture of the mammalian mechanosensitive Piezo1 channel. Nature, 527: 64-69" See more info in our mechanobiology wiki - http://www.mechanobio.info/topics/mechanosignaling/mechanically-gated-ion-channel-activity/

How do mechanically-gated ion channels facilitate mechanotransduction?
3Integrin Mechanics

The dynamic activation of Integrin through opening of the "legs". Integrin 3D surface based on PDB model 4z7o. See more info in our mechanobiology wiki - http://www.mechanobio.info/topics/mechanosignaling/integrin-activation/

What is integrin extension?