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What causes growth cone collapse?

Growth cone collapse is a complex phenomenon involving numerous signal pathways including Rho-GTPases [1], ADF [2], and various kinases [3][4]. A model for filopodia collapse in growth cones was created using the guidance signal, semaphorin IIIA (SemaIIIA; collapsin-1). SemaIIIA causes termination of protrusive activity and growth cone collapse [5] through decreased phosphorylation of the ezrin–radixin–moesin (ERM) family of F-actin binding proteins [6]. Phosphorylation of ERM proteins activates the F-actin binding domain and regulates filopodia assembly/protrusion by linking filopodial membranes with F-actin (reviewed in [7]). Inactivation of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signal pathway by SemaIIIA may also be linked to reduced ERM protein activity and growth cone collapse [6].

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