What other proteins contribute to actin filament crosslinking?

Proteins containing I-BAR (inverted Bin/amphiphysin/Rvs i.e. IRSp53 Missing-in-metastasis homology Domain or IMD) cooperate with various components of actin filament assembly, to promote filopodia protrusion, via several mechanisms including the stimulation of F-actin crosslinking 14645856 ... Read more...

What is α-actinin?

α-actinin is an actin-binding protein 5857097 and component of the actin crosslinking functional modules; it lacks G-actin binding activity and lacks actin initiation/nucleation activity 4076192 . α-actinin is an important organizer of the cytoskeleton that belongs to the spectrin superfamily (which includes spectrin, dystrophin, and related homologues)... Read More...  

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Where does filamin localize and how does it function?

Filamin forms a vital scaffolding adaptor and regulatory component that contributes to the mechanical stability of cells by linking the internal actin network with membrane receptors and mechanosensitive components. This function correlates with its distribution in cultured cells along actin stress fibers, within cortical actin networks and sometimes at membrane ruffles... Read more... [...]

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What is filamin?

Filamin is an actin-binding protein that was first recognized (and named) for its filamentous colocalization with actin stress fibers. Filamin molecules are naturally found in cells as elongated, V-shaped dimers (i.e. two linked filamin molecules) that contain several immunoglobulin-like domains for protein interactions, amino-terminal actin-binding domains (ABD) composed of two calponin homology (CH) domains, [...]

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Where does fascin localize and how does it function?

A steady pool of F-actin monomers or loosely linked F-actin promotes efficient polymerization and bundling of actin-filaments by fascin. Fascin is found in the most distal regions of filopodia and lamellipodia and the cellular distribution of fascin within actin bundles (e.g. microspikes and stress fibers 3525578 ) appears to vary depending upon the extracellular [...]

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What is fascin?

Fascin is the major actin crosslinking protein found in a wide range of filopodia. This protein has been shown to work in concert with other cross linkers such as α-actinin to produce filopodia, although fascin itself is sufficient to form filopodia-like bundles in a reconstitution system...Read more...

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