How is integrin activation regulated?2017-12-26T15:35:23+08:30

How is integrin activation regulated?

Regulation of Integrin Activation

The following classes of proteins/ events are known to enhance or inhibit integrin activation in various contexts. It must be noted that this list provides just a few examples of proteins that regulate the activation of integrin.

Regulators of talin recruitment

Proteins with membrane targeting motif that bind to talin reviewed in [1]

i. Rap1 -RIAM (Talin activation) [2] [3][4]

ii. WAVE [5]

iii. Fam38A / r-Ras (Talin activation by calpain cleavage) [6]

Phosphorylation of integrin cytoplasmic domains

i. Tyr Phosphorylation -promote reduce talin affinity, promote Dok1 binding or other PTB domain proteins [7][8][9]

ii. PKA mediated Ser phosphorylation- α4β1 recruitment and activation at the leading edge [10][11]

iii. Src-kinase -mediated Tyr phosphorylation of beta integrin  ([8],reviewed in [12])- may not have downstream effect always [13]

Competitors for talin

i. Filamin and migfilin [14][15][16]

ii. CIB1 and its paralogues binding to α cytoplasmic tail [17][18]

iii. PIPKIγ90 [19][20][21]

ERK1 and ERK2

Trans-dominant inhibition of activation [22]

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